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Due to an unparalleled commitment to providing outstanding customer service as a Realtor servicing West Los Angeles, Westwood, Mar Vista, Culver City, Brentwood, Cheviot Hills and surrounding Los Angeles County areas, many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my real estate services.

Katie Powell-I can't tell you how much I appreciated your help in selling our family property in Santa Monica this year.  It was such a pleasure to work with you on this project!  And it was a project with a capital "P" too. You were able to guide us through the ins and outs of rental property sales in the challenging Santa Monica market.  You really went above and beyond researching rent control and building potential. Thank you.

As you know, our Grandfather built these houses in the early part of the century and our Father's family was raised there, and I lived in the small house with my oldest brother when we were babies.  So, there was a lot of family history involved with the sale. Thank you for maintaining your sense of humor and CALM during our family's decision to sell.  And thanks for hanging in during the negotiations--that was "fun"! But, we got it done, and we have all moved on.  I really enjoyed getting to know you.

Harry Campbell-Thanks for everything!  You made it painless.

Gill Vogel- Thanks Pat!  You have been the best Realtor I have ever worked with!

Sylvia Selverston-You have been wonderful! I have greatly appreciated your continual updates, and your work beyond the call of duty.

Pat Heineman- Now that I am settled in my new home, I have had time to reflect on the job you did for me in selling my home.  I want to thank you again.

Being a real estate agent myself, I looked for a person who had knowledge, ethics and good work habits.  You did not disappoint me in any of these qualities.  You had an effective marketing plan to sell my home.  Your favorable relationships with other agents who might bring an offer was apparent.  When multiple offers arrived you handled each with care and professionalism and helped assess which was best for me.

I was impressed with the way you handled the paperwork. The Buyer's agent and the Escrow Officer had everything they needed well ahead of time, and we had a successful closing.

Selling a home that I had lived in for forty years, and one that I loved, was an emotional time for me.  Thank you for your patience and kind understanding to help me through it.  I would recommend you to all my former clients who want "a job well done".

Jessica Yarborough, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage-I just wanted to say "thanks" for your continued support over the years. I have enjoyed our working relationship.  Don't ever change the way you do business, you are truly an exceptional agent.

Jim and John Tornell-Thanks for your good work! You did more than we could have expected. You're the BEST!

Maria Amparo Escandon-Thank you so much for your insightful wisdom and your relentless dedication.  Without your help and guidance, we wouldn't own our new home. This has been fun!

Madeline Kurrash-Thank you for all that you have done for me. You are the most dedicated Real Estate Agent and I really appreciate it.

Mark Bitter-Pat helped us to find our first house and she was superb throughout the process. Even the Seller, with a different agent, took us aside and said "You have a great Realtor"!

Stever Eilers- It was great working with you on the purchase of my condo.  Very nice to know I had someone as reliable, knowledgeable and organized as you on my side!

Patsy Flanigan- Thank you for guiding me through the sale Pat, you are so efficient!

Lynne and Bayard Welch- Pat, you did a terrific job finding us the perfect house! We are both very pleased with the home.  Your hard work and attention to the details is much appreciated. Thank you so much!

Patricia and William Chou- Thank you for making the sale of our home a smooth and successful transaction. Even though we are currently living out of the country you handled everything with ease.  We will certainly ask for your services again if we move back to the area in the future!

Julie and Craig Suen-Thank you so much for working so hard in finding our new house.  Your dedication to your work is greatly admired.  We appreciate your patience and efforts during this house hunting experience!  Many, many thanks.

Teri Dool- Thanks for all of your hard work, speaking as both the Homeowner's Association President and your client!  It has been a pleasure getting to know you.

Anna Jeong-Thanks Pat!  I will highly recommend you to anyone.  What a difference working with a person that has your experience and personality. A

Judith Wilson, The Real Estate Consultants-Pat, you are an extraordinary example of a professional in our business!  Thank you.

Jeff Ingle- Pat worked hard. Best agent I ever had!

Rob Senn- It was quite an experience, but you were absolutely terrific throughout the journey. You have a very reassuring strength based in good experience and great judgement that was a regular source of confidence for me.  I look forward to working with you again, and will enthusiastically recommend to any friend that they should do the same.  Thank you!!

Andrew Liebhold- The fact that Peter and I are not there of course has meant that our sister Nonnie has carried the load of dealing with the sale of Dad's condo, but even from here I can recognize that you've done an outstanding job with this sale.  Not to mention the fact that the condo sold on the first day of its listing AND we got the full asking price!  I want to thank you for, among other things, staying on top of the sale and keeping us all informed.  If you ever need a testimonial to your skills as an agent, you can count on one from me!  Thanks for everything.

Nonnie Korten- Many thanks for your wonderful assistance.  We're so appreciative of the work that you did to make this go smoothly despite our unusual circumstances.  If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use us.

Richard Aronson - My wife and I were considering out of town job offers and interviewed Pat due to her past responsiveness on other questions. Pat provided prompt and excellent service. She details exactly what we would need to do to achieve what she thought our house could bring. She was well prepared and through. In fact, she was so well prepared that she was able to give us figures on exactly what our proceeds would be and warned us that our proceeds might be subject to taxes. So cautioned, we investigated and discovered that our tax liability would be three times what we had anticipated. This made acceptance of the job offers impossible. Pat's prompt warning enabled us to discover a problem before we commited several thousand dollars to sales related cosmetic improvements before we accepted the positions, before we resigned from our current jobs, and possibly before we had sold or opened escrow on the sale of our house. This degree of professionalism belies the reputation we had of Realtors. It also enabled us to preserve a good reputation with our prospective employers so that if and when we decide the benefits of leaving Los Angeles exceed the costs, we will still find them reasonably well disposed towards us. In the meantime, if we can find a suitable house in Los Angeles, we may still move. Pat has received our rather detailed specifications and is looking for houses that meet our needs for us. If she finds one, or when we leave Los Angeles, we certainly to use Pat Cornog as our Realtor.

Wendy Fox, Dan and Sara Weiner - We often talk about wishing we could find someone like Pat in Santa Barbara. We've met many Realtors, but none like her!

Dorothea Mazza - Pat was always on top of everything and kept us informed as to the progress being made. She really went beyond what her duties were as a salesperson.Pat got people to do jobs that I should have done if I were there, but the miles between us never hampered her in getting the job done.Pat's ambition and drive assure her of many more successful sales!

Pat and Renee Etienne - Pat handled the listing for our home during the past year in a manner that renewed our faith and trust in real estate. Her knowledge and constant availability were only two of a long list of fine qualities that do great service to her company.  We would heartily recommend Pat to others and cannot imagine contemplating a real estate transaction without her counsel.

Nan Kremer and Susan Basowsk - Pat's professionalism and dedication in handling the sale of our property was outstanding and her knowledge of the real estate market truly made this traumatic time much easier for us. We hope to be able to use her services again. She is a true professional and we were fortunate to have her involved.

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